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Quality Assurance

Endoscopy has become a major diagnostic and therapeutic modality in the care of patients with diseases
of the gastrointestinal tract. In order to provide an appropriate level of quality care for patients, the WSEC has established an ongoing quality assurance program. This program will objectively and systematically monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of patient care, pursue opportunities to improve patient care and resolve identified problems.

The quality assurance program at West Shore Endoscopy Center has been established in order to support the mission, philosophy and values of the West Shore Endoscopy Center. The program is developed to measure the effectiveness of the operationalization of the commitment.

Through a planned and systematic approach, the program is organized and implemented to monitor and evaluate both the quality and appropriateness of patient outcomes and patient care. The Quality Improvement Program will address:

    1. Clinical
    2. Administrative
    3. Cost-of-care issues
    4. Actual patient outcomes (results of care)

The findings of the program will be incorporated into the centers educational activities.


Quality Assurance is a continuous process that ensures optimal patient care and clinical performance. This will be accomplished through monitoring and evaluation of data collected through chart review, patient complaints/comments and incident reports.

Data will be collected by retrospective chart review or direct observation. When chart review is used, a random selection of procedures performed during the previous three month period will be reviewed for patient care indicators. Data collected will be analyzed. When deficits are identified, causes should be determined, if possible, to arrive at problem resolution. A summary of deficits and alternate solutions will be written and presented to the QA Committee by the Nurse Director.